Base maintenance (all types of checks) performance and identified defects rectification
Effective engineering support during the base check, including communication with OEMs
Implementation of minor and major aircraft modifications

Maintenance support and aircraft preparation related to aircraft transfer from one operator to another

  • Aircraft cabin conversions and refurbishments
  • Structure and composite repairs, corrosion prevention program checks
  • Engine and landing gear replacement
  • Aircraft scrap or part out



  • Pre-departure inspections
  • Transit checks
  • Daily and weekly checks
  • Troubleshooting and rectification of defects
  • Components replacement up to including engines
  • Scheduled line maintenance checks and OOP tasks
  • Short and long term parking maintenance

Next to our hangar, we have enough space to park up to 6 narrow bodies.


We provide individualised to comprehensive CAMO services, re-deliveries, and aircraft pre-buy inspections including but not limited to:

  • Pre-purchase inspections or audits
  • Aircraft lease transfer projects management
  • Base maintenance technical representing services
  • Maintenance subcontracting and benchmarking for aircraft operators
  • Contract management
  • Part M continuing airworthiness services management including airworthiness review


  • We buy, sell and lease aircraft, components, parts, and tools, securing hassle-free certified purchases.
  • Our team trades components on a daily basis for various customers ensuring the smooth and continued operations of their fleet.
  • We have a wide scope of engines, landing gears, APU’s and other assets for sale. Our team has deep knowledge and is able to assist and repair your asset, exchange, or buy it from you.
  • We examine the entire aircraft asset management cycle from initial delivery to part out and scrapping.